Bruce Richards
"As Bees in Honey Drown", 2012, oil on Fortuny "Richelieu" cotton,22" X 19".The title speaks to our greed-particularily to the point of excess. When colonies of bees were starving, beekeepers would feed them their stored honey to survive. Bees can become intoxicated and perish from their gluttony if not monitored. The phrase "As bees in honey drown" was used in the 19th century to describe the lure of unbridled desire.It is a contemporary momento mori. Please view ten minute VIDEO of an exhibition which was held at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Los Angeles 2014. Please use links on left to view selections of work from the decade or a series which may be seen by clicking on the various link desired. Quick overviews can be seen viewing "Selected works"for recent paintings and "Sculpture" for that interest. Individual images may be enlarged by clicking on them. In Los Angeles, Jack Rutberg Fine Arts may be contacted for available works.
Contact this website if in New York City and a studio visit is desired.
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